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Cast Iron Skillet

For Christmas this year I considered asking for a new gas grill for outside. The one we’ve been using has seen better days. There are not many occasions when I use it and recently a friend commented that she just grills steaks in a cast iron pan in her oven. Since I seldom use the outdoor grill, it seemed prudent to at least try the cast iron idea before spending money for another grill.

When I shared this thought with my husband, he reminded me that he prepared steaks in our cast iron skillet once. I did not remember that we had tried that method before.

Today in Sunday School we discussed the fact that most of us have been studying the Bible most of our lives and yet we continue to find new truths and learn new applications for what we study.

The same holds true for the cast iron skillet. When the taste of the steak was fresh in my mind, I would have remembered using the skillet. Had we grilled steaks by that method many times I believe I would have remembered. Not using the skillet for a long time made me forget.

That’s the same reason we forget things from God’s Word. If we don’t apply what we learn consistently, our memory fades.

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