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Where Are You?

Does life seem to run in fast, then slow seasons for you? While I definitely have more fast seasons than slow, I also have seasons of indecision. You probably do as well.

Last summer at a writer’s conference, my friend Cathy called as she entered the cafeteria looking for me. “I’m at the end of the table. I’ll stand up so you can see me.” I tried to help, not knowing she stood right behind me.

A lady watching us began to laugh as I gave Cathy detailed instructions which proved worthless. “Where are you?” Neither of us was aware that we were already standing together.

If you need help figuring out where your next purpose is, ask God. He will help you figure it out. Just like Cathy and I, you might be standing close to the answer.

Several opportunities before me right now have me wondering where to start. I’m going to start with prayer. If you are facing too many choices, I’d love to partner with you in prayer too. Together, our prayers can move us forward even though our ministries might be different. There is a lot of comfort in knowing you are not alone when searching for your next right first step. Ask God to close doors that are not for you.

While I figure some things out, he’s giving me ways to serve that I am sure about.

In a few days, I'll experience a new "first." The WordGirls collaborative book Sage, Salt & Sunshine will be available in time for Mother’s Day. Stories about my mom, Jane Brooks and my friend Rosie Danz are in this book along with other stories of women inspiring women with insight, truth, light and joy.

If you would like a signed copy, I'd love to send you one. Email me at:

Or you can purchase on Amazon at . Proceeds from Amazon sales will go toward the WordGirls scholarship fund.


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