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While walking, I passed this old building. The window caught my eye. Why would a window be built so small? I thought being inside there would feel isolated and drab. There have been times of my own life that felt isolated and drab.

Prisoners of war, people recovering from injuries, and loved ones, separated by circumstances beyond their control, have earned their greatness by marking their days of isolation in ways that produced purpose. I reasoned that only when we view our world as small, does it become so.

We have to become the demolition crew for the walls that keep us from our own purpose. No person or thing can separate us from the ability to pray, to create, to think or to plan. Challenging times of separation can be the making of “I can’t” attitudes, but “I can” thinking frees us to make beneficial use of time spent away from the normal schedules of our lives.

During seasons of isolation, I struggle to do something, anything that feels like it is important to the world, to my family, or even to myself. The fact remains, struggle can produce good things in us. It causes us to wrestle with what we find important and prioritize from a place of necessity.

Take a look at your house and see if throwing the windows open wider might shed some light on new possibilities.

Are your windows barred?

Are your windows small?

Or does your house have no windows at all?

The views are open, the views are wide,

But can you really see them

if you stay inside?

A friend or a flower or a breeze on the air

The birds lend their music everywhere.

A house you know is just wood and stone.

It’s you that makes the house a home.

So, open the windows, let in the breeze.

Let the life that’s in you soar if you please.

Let the life that’s in you soar

Let the life that’s in you soar.

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