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A Short Walk, A Good Talk

Today is going to be a great day. I just feel it. On my morning walk today I chose to go into town, check the mail and walk around the beautiful trail the National Park Service maintains. There is one section of the trail where pecans trees are giving up their fruit and picking up a few the squirrels left behind is fun. One of my friends loves pecans. We always talk about going somewhere to gather them, but we never actually make the time to go. Sometimes I pick up a few just to remind both of us that we should add this to our To Do list.

Today I passed my friends Lori and Barbara who were headed in the opposite direction. They walk at a faster pace, so we don’t always try to walk together. Just around the curve from them was a chance encounter with a woman I met at the Post Office a few years ago. One of those delightful people you hope to meet in another setting. She and her husband purchased property in Johnson City and my son was their realtor.

We walked and talked about the insecurities we feel about certain projects we have taken on. We shared a little about our childhoods. As we left the beautiful trail to go our separate ways, she became emotional. She shared that today she has a doctor appointment that is frightening to her. She began to cry and let herself be vulnerable as she shared. The moment was holy. She said as she saw me approaching, she thought maybe God had sent me there to be a friend in this moment. I agreed that He placed us there for this time. I asked her if I could pray with her and she said, “Yes, I wanted to ask you to pray for me but I didn’t know…”.

Right there on the trail God joined our conversation. He knew her heart. He knew the bond of friendship that had just formed in this frail moment. He knew all the details of the situation she is yet to understand.

This is a new friendship, so I know very little about this woman’s heart toward God. Whether she is facing a big issue or a small issue there is no doubt about one thing. God is all about relationships. He walks with us and appoints others to walk with us.

A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity. (Proverbs 17:17)

You never know who might walk with you

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