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I will be happy to send you a signed copy of any book if you email me at

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Sage, Salt & Sunshine- A Word Girls Collective

Sage, Salt & Sunshine features stories about our spiritual mothers. The ones who spent time with us when it wasn't convenient. Their lives taught us how to emulate Christ like living to future generations. They also showed us practical ways to live every day with joy. My stories that are included in this book tell how my mom, Jane Brooks, and my friend Rosie Danz, graced my life with a deep understanding of what Jesus offers us as his followers. Click here or the book icon to purchase.

Life in the Estrogen-Free Zone
Humor and Heartfelt Wisdom
from Boy Moms

Coming December 2024

Joni's story in this collaborative book with friends of Michelle Rayburn will warm your heart and make you thankful for the season.

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