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Available March 1, 2024

Discouraged church workers take heart!

Your faithful Yes matters. Ever wonder if your 

contributions matter? Does God value obedience?

This memoir of one congregation spotlights the discovery that their presence in the community matters. Their purpose is clarified in each Yes.

Renewed Christmas Blessings

Embrace the magic of the holiday season as you discover hope, faith, and love in unexpected places. 

This inspiring compilation from Michelle Rayburn and twenty-six contributors including Joni Topper, showcases a variety of captivating voices that will inspire and uplift.

Life in the Estrogen Free Zone

Stories to warm your heart, make you nod in understanding and remind you of the extraordinary blessings that come with being a boy mom. 

A delightful compilation from Michelle Rayburn and eighteen contributors including Joni Topper, offers laughter, love and godly advice from moms who proudly navigate the wild terrain of raising boys.

Sage, Salt & Sunshine 

Sage, Salt & Sunshine features first-person stories about women who made a difference in this world. 

This collaboration by Kathy Carlton Willis includes stories from Joni Topper about two women who greatly influenced her life. Her Mom and Rosie Danz.

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